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Refuah Resources’ referrals help save lives and improve outcomes for thousands of people. Refuah assists patients confronting illness by identifying the medical resource most appropriate to their particular circumstance. Based on exhaustive research and experience, Refuah pinpoints both the facility and the team of physicans with whom each patient has the best chance for success. Refuah’s referral staff has a deep and thorough understanding of leading doctors’ scopes of expertise. Refuah’s comprehensive database is comprised of the foremost medical professionals across the spectrum of medical and surgical specialties. This impressive index of doctors spans the global medical community. It includes esteemed diagnosticians and surgeons for complex and atypical disorders, as well as leading physicians for more routine, albeit serious, conditions.


To make suitable referrals, the staff at Refuah Resources relies heavily on its training and expertise as well as on Refuah’s physician referral database. This formidable task becomes more complex with advances in medicine and medical technology. To ensure that referrals are up to date with current medical advances, Refuah invests considerable time and effort on comprehensive research. This time-consuming effort is integral to Refuah’s operation and essential for the accuracy of its referrals.


Refuah Resources’ team of experts ensures that patients and their families understand diagnoses, the urgency with which different illnesses require care, and the pros and cons of various treatment options. Often, it is not just medical advice that is needed, but also a sympathetic ear and a caring heart. When necessary, Refuah maintains contact with the patient and family – monitoring progress and interacting with doctors and hospitals as courses of treatment change, conditions improve or worsen, and new doctors are introduced to the patient’s medical team.


Refuah Resources enjoys excellent working relationships with respected physicians in all areas of medicine. This is crucial when time is of the essence. Refuah’s referral staff expertly cuts through red tape to expediently get patients the care they need. Doctors who have witnessed Refuah’s work firsthand have become its allies and advocates. Refuah often sends patient records to experts all over the world for their review, and to obtain opinions and recommendations for treatment protocols.